Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Scrapbooking News


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Anna Griffin goes digital with check out her blog at

Loveland, Colorado; a scrapbooking workshop benefits Loveland Relay For Life.

Get FREE patterns or purchase them at

Achieve Your Educational Dream; deadline is August 31st, 2008 for a Full-Ride College Scholarship. $2 Million to give away. Go to

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Have Super Sweet Day!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Daughter of Mine

That daughter of mine, she is such a trend setter. I can remember when she was in middle school and high school she would do these things that would have everyone else wanting to do the same. One thing that comes to mind was when she would wear a colorful shoe lace on her pony tail.

Her resent trends now at the age of 19 have been to put her cell phone in a ziplock bag so she can continue to text message while she is in the shower. So, now her friends are doing it now. And she took a piece of my white polka dot black ribbon and tied it to her cell phone with a soda can top from a monster can, it's black with a white "m" on it, it's so cute her friends want to know where she got it.

I guess it's here creative side. I love her so much!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweet Scrapbooking News

You have to check out this collection. It is soooo beautiful. I just love the rich colors. It's Christine Adolph Collection called Tide Pools. From Creative Imaginations web-site.

Clearance Sales Everywhere
You may notice that alot of retailers are trying to unload alot of their stock at a discount. And thats because the CHA Summer show has just ended and they will be getting in all the new stuff just order at the show. So, It's a good time to get those products your've been wanting and at a good price!!

A scrapbook article from Julie Gilkay
On this scrapbooker tells why she scrapbooks. Not just for the socialization aspect, interaction with other moms and being forced into it by her friends. But, scrapbooking has made her pay more attention to the little things in life as she is always looking for details to record and celebrate. This is something I am sure we all can relate to. It's the little things that mean alot!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I want the new Making Memories Slice machine. It is so cool. I don't own any cutting machines, so this would be so awesome if I won one!! I entered so cross your fingers, toes and whatever else you can cross so I can win!! I want a slice and I want it now!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I got a sneak peak at about fifty different manufactures that are at CHA. Because there are so many to list, I decided to just list the ones that I found items I liked. My selections were based on new, never before done, awesome colors and sweet designs. Wish I could go. Someday, for sure!!

Paper Trunk
3Bugs in s Rug
Making Memories
Scenic Route
Cosmo Cricket
Dream Street Papers

Black Market Paper Society
Webster Pages
Deja Views
Fancy Pants
Bo Bunny
Clear Scraps
Technique Tuesday
Luxe Design

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet Scrapbooking News

Okay, I feel like yelling "COME AND HEAR ALL ABOUT IT", LOL.

Okay, that was dumb!!

Well anyway here is some news thats related to our area of interest:

Beaverton woman sentenced to 22 mos. for stealing $200,000 worth of merchandise from area scrapbook and craft stores. Reaally sad story, I feel for those in the industry that lost so much. It's hard enough with the economy now. To read the whole story go to:

Here is a photo of the stolen merchandise in Ms. McGates home.

COPYRIGHT LAWS: Interesting story and you must read it. Here is the link: The Salt Lake Tribune

Here is some better news, thank goodness. This story is about a group
that has been formed at Hospice facility. Go to:

Have a Sweet and Scrappy Day!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pocket Birthday Card

Here is a pocket card I made a few days ago. I'm really happy how it came out. What do you think? I used Close To My Heart paper, stamps and ink.

Hot, so hot, can't move

107 degrees here

the computer is my friend today. Been on it all morning and afternoon. I've discovered Etsy. It is a really cool site for handmade artists to sell their wares. Since I have alot of handmade cards, mini albums, tags, gift bags and altered items in my stash, I am going to set up shop at Etsy. Wish me luck!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Official Blogger

Okay, so now I am a blogger. I just had to join, cuz you know everyone has one now, right. Well I think it's so cool that my sweet little bunny rabbit is famous now. Yup, she's on the web now. But, dude she is not little anymore. When spring came this year she was acting really goofy. My sweet daughter said "she's twitter pattedid". Poor girl, she's not fixed.

Well, tomorrow I hope to have my sweet paper treats slideshow up. Hope everyone had a safe and fun filled forth of July!! :)