Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet Scrapbooking News

Okay, I feel like yelling "COME AND HEAR ALL ABOUT IT", LOL.

Okay, that was dumb!!

Well anyway here is some news thats related to our area of interest:

Beaverton woman sentenced to 22 mos. for stealing $200,000 worth of merchandise from area scrapbook and craft stores. Reaally sad story, I feel for those in the industry that lost so much. It's hard enough with the economy now. To read the whole story go to:

Here is a photo of the stolen merchandise in Ms. McGates home.

COPYRIGHT LAWS: Interesting story and you must read it. Here is the link: The Salt Lake Tribune

Here is some better news, thank goodness. This story is about a group
that has been formed at Hospice facility. Go to:

Have a Sweet and Scrappy Day!!

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