Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Daughter of Mine

That daughter of mine, she is such a trend setter. I can remember when she was in middle school and high school she would do these things that would have everyone else wanting to do the same. One thing that comes to mind was when she would wear a colorful shoe lace on her pony tail.

Her resent trends now at the age of 19 have been to put her cell phone in a ziplock bag so she can continue to text message while she is in the shower. So, now her friends are doing it now. And she took a piece of my white polka dot black ribbon and tied it to her cell phone with a soda can top from a monster can, it's black with a white "m" on it, it's so cute her friends want to know where she got it.

I guess it's here creative side. I love her so much!!!



Sandra T. said...

I see you have the Pebbles in my Pocket blog under your faves! I live close to the one in Vegas. Love that store!!! Great blog! Your daughter is very beautiful!

Sandra T. said...

By the way, Congrats...I've nominated you for an award. Check out my blog for more details.