Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweet Scrapbooking News

You have to check out this collection. It is soooo beautiful. I just love the rich colors. It's Christine Adolph Collection called Tide Pools. From Creative Imaginations web-site.

Clearance Sales Everywhere
You may notice that alot of retailers are trying to unload alot of their stock at a discount. And thats because the CHA Summer show has just ended and they will be getting in all the new stuff just order at the show. So, It's a good time to get those products your've been wanting and at a good price!!

A scrapbook article from Julie Gilkay
On this scrapbooker tells why she scrapbooks. Not just for the socialization aspect, interaction with other moms and being forced into it by her friends. But, scrapbooking has made her pay more attention to the little things in life as she is always looking for details to record and celebrate. This is something I am sure we all can relate to. It's the little things that mean alot!!!

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Nicole said...

I LOOOVE that Tide pools collection it is so pretty. I also can't believe that scrapbook stash! Holy cow...thanks for sharing all the great info.

Love your blog too,

Nicole Martin