Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas Bloggers!!

Hi, long time no blogging! I have been busy working and a few changes at home. So, I've had no time to really create. I did make some really cute christmas cards, but I gave them away and forgot to get pictures of them. Instead of creating I have been watching alot of movies that I get at the library for free and reading alot too. Did I tell you I work at the Library, yes I do and love it!

But, the craft bug has been making me really itchy lately. So I'm dying to get back to creating and blogging! My Etsy Shop is still full and I keep updating it. Santa Claus is getting me a new Sewing Machine, Yipeee!! Sewing is something that I've been wanting to start getting into. I have whole sewing project sitting on my craft desk, but couldn't complete it because my sewing machine wasn't working. The project was going to be a beverage cozy, that I was going to give as christmas presents. Oh well, I will give them out as New Years gifts instead!

I want to wish all of you that read my blog or pop in to visit a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! May God Bless You Now And Next Year!!! Hugs, Karrie 

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