Friday, August 1, 2014

5 Unique Suzi Blu Memo/Journal/Doodle Books

Hi! Hope your all having a SWEET day!! :)

It's story time, get comfy and get some lemonade or tea. So, here is something new that I have been working for a while (ha, since last year)! Let me explain how this all started out, first I was playing with the Unity/Suzi Blu stamp Love Yourself. Playing with colors, coloring, patterned papers from My Minds Eye 6x6 paper pads. When all done with that these little cuties just sat for a while, I moved to a new place and city and they sat stored away some more. Then I decided that I would make journal covers out of them, hmm as I was putting them together I found a bunch of leftover small pieces of cardboard from cutting my mini scrapbooks out of. So, they became memo books instead. They sat for a while until I finally found the paper to go inside them. Then I desperately wanted to put sequins on them because I was loving the inspiration from other bloggers. Waiting and waiting, I found some sequins from Michaels but not sure if that's what I really wanted, it sat waiting for my decision. It just wasn't "it" so I returned it. At Walmart I found a Spangle bag full of thousands of different shaped sequins, I spent two days separating the whole bag (crazy huh!) Then finally all the little embellishments were added and put together and now they are here to share with you! Whatcha think? I love them! :)

 This Memo Book has a pocket on inside cover and a bookmark!

Here's the bookmark inside the pocket!

This is the back cover and the bookmark!

This one is just a Memo Book!

 This is the back cover!

This one is also just a Memo Book!
 Inside cover!
 Back of cover!

Next, this one has a pocket and a bookmark!

Next, is Party Girl by Unity/Suzi Blu! A Memo book!
You would think I'd be all Suzi'd out, but no I have one more to share that will be on a separate post as it is a mini scrapbook! Thank you for hangin' in here and I wish you a blessed day! Until next post, Adios! :)

These Memo Books will be available in my Etsy Shop:

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